Post-surgery rehabilitation

Regain function and confidence by following an evidence-based exercise program. This process is particularly useful for people who have just undergone spinal surgery, joint reconstructions or replacements.

Exercise/ strength training

We work with clients of all ages and fitness levels to improve their health, strength and wellbeing. Our exercise physiologists work directly with clients to develop customized exercise programs that can help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. These programs are individualized and take into account the medical conditions and training history of each client.

Online training consults

For people who feel confident in their ability to train on their own, but also feel as though they may benefit from a small amount of guidance every now and then, this option may be optimal for you. Ask questions, receive science based answers and use all of this to develop and adjust your training.

Nursing home/ respite rehabilitation

For people staying permanently or temporarily within a nursing home or respite center, we can deliver mobile exercise physiology services to you. This can help to improve quality of life for people living within these centers, as well as aid people in potentially returning to their original home fitter and stronger.